We offer ministry at the branch facilities on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  There are activities and other events scheduled for special purposes at the branch monthly. 

Children's Classes


We have classes for ages 2-8.  Subjects include the general stories of the Bible and the Book of Mormon, but also focus on the fundamentals of the restored gospel.  Our children have even received awards for their memorization of the six fundamental principles, 10 commandments, fruit of the Spirit, eight major ordinances, priesthood offices and even the Epitome of Faith!

This year, the younger children's class has been learning about Christian and Restoration apologetics!  See Devon Park Facebook page for more pictures!



A ministry for mothers that focuses on learning about how to be an effective parent and raising children with joy and purpose.  Meetings are every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month September thru May from 10am-noon.  Childcare is provided with RSVP to Holly McLean 816-206-0690.  

You can learn more anytime on the Mommy Answer Lady YouTube Channel.


The Mommy Answer Lady website is also available with articles, gift ideas for moms and children, podcasts and links to the YouTube channel here

Spring Soccer


Devon Park has a new ministry for young families who want their children to learn about team work and sportsmanship!  Soccer for young children will begin again in the spring of 2021!  More information to come soon!

Branch Visiting


Devon Park has started a new program of visiting other branches together once a month!  We want the restoration saints to interact, worship and join together as much as possible.  

We may be coming to a restoration branch near you very soon!


Devon Park is a very active church and involved in ministries within it's own walls as well as spreading the gospel to the community and the world.  For even more missionary efforts, see Special Events

Missionary Efforts


Devon Park is working on perfecting our online ministry. We have supported active missionaries that frequently travel spreading the good news of the restored gospel! They have not only traveled around the US, but have been to countries in Africa, India, Central & South America, and Europe.  Donations to our missionary fund are always appreciated!

Interactive Ministries


A beautiful walk through booth display has been crafted by our own members to tell the wonderful story of God's plan for His creation through eternity.  You haven't seen anything like it!  Scriptural concepts take visitors from the grave through the glories. Traveling multi media classes are also available on this and a variety of gospel subjects!

Priesthood Ministry


Whether you are a member of Devon Park or not, our priesthood want to bring ministry to you!  If you are in need of ministry such as administration to the sick, home visiting, marriage or life counseling, cottage meetings, etc, please contact us.  We would be privileged to be of service to you and your family.

YouTube Channel


No matter where you are, you can always tune in to our YouTube channel on Sunday mornings to participate with us in Sunday school and worship.  Join us here!

The Mommy Answer Lady

If you are a parent who is struggling and wants to know how to raise well-behaved, happy and grateful children, or even just wants to find answers to your parenting questions, check out the Mommy Answer Lady YouTube, Rumble videos or visit!
Learn more here!