Here is our regular worship schedule. 


Please check the Special Announcements page before heading to Devon Park to see if there are any changes in the usual schedule of services.

Google Calendar users can subscribe to our calendar feed here.



1st Sunday of each month
Communion 9:00am

9:45am Sunday School
11am  Worship Gatherings


If you are unable to come to

church, join us on our YouTube Channel here!

We also visit other branches together once a month, so please call Thoric Smith for details at 816-838-3995.


Third Sundays


Potluck following the 11:00 worship gathering on the property at Zion's Light Fellowship Hall.

If you happen to come on a third Sunday, there is ALWAYS enough food to share!  Come and join us!


Here is our regular worship schedule. 


Call our Pastor, Thoric Smith, to find out if there are any changes in our schedule.  We are flexible and ready to give ministry when asked, so contact him for more information!

Google Calendar users can subscribe to our calendar feed here.



First Sunday of every month we welcome all to join us for communion services at 9:00am.  We are close communionists and ask that only those who have been baptized by authority take the emblems during this ordinance.

In Home and Hospital


If you would like to have a visit from priesthood of Devon Park, please let us know.  Communion is available to be brought to you at home or in the hospital at your request as well. We would be happy to serve you!


There are always things going on at Devon Park!  Check back here to find out what's coming up!

NEW SCHEDULES & Gatherings!

We are revamping and updating our worship gatherings to bring the Spirit into a more personal and heart reaching setting.  

It has been clear that the restoration church needs to find more effective ways to reach young families and encourage a daily walk with the Lord for individuals.  

In this effort, Devon Park has started moving toward focusing on reaching hearts.  Our gatherings will begin to reflect this in style and purpose.  

Wednesday evenings have been in the homes to bring about a more intimate feel and to share more closely.  Also to encourage our members and visitors to be involved more deeply in each other's lives.


Aren't able to make it on Wednesday evening?  That's ok.  Our Wednesday evening gatherings are available on ZOOM so you can participate from your home if necessary!

If you are interested in participating in Wednesday evening prayer gatherings, please contact Thoric Smith at 816-838-3995.



If you are a parent of young children and would appreciate some great MOM training, come every 1st Tuesday of each month from Sept thru May, 10am-noon  to discuss child raising skills!  Childcare will be provided with RSVP to Holly McLean 816-206-0690. Please contact her for updates on schedule.
You can also visit to read about lessons taught, listen to podcasts and learn how to have happy and well behaved children!

There are videos available on YouTube at Mommy Answer Lady channel here!

5th Sunday Breakfast & Praise!

On every 5th Sunday, Devon Park will have a special breakfast and praise service!  Come and join us at 9:30 for a potluck breakfast in the Zion's Light Fellowship Hall.  

Then, we will all walk over to the sanctuary building for a Praise and Thanksgiving gathering!  All members are encouraged to share a story, song, poem, or anything that is inspiring to you and will bring praise to the Lord!